Lawn Treatment

IMG_4320At Paragon Pest Control we are committed to a high level of service to give you a great looking lawn and landscaped area.  Our knowledge of specific turf types allows us to specialize our treatments to your very specific needs.

It makes no difference if you have St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia, or Bahia, we know what your lawn’s special needs are.  At Paragon we use slow release granular fertilizer that not only gives your lawn and ornamental plants the nutrients they need but to also protect local waterways from runoff during our heavy rains.  Your fertilizer treatment will be tailored to your specific lawn type and the time of year to keep it green and healthy.

Insect control will be included in your lawn service because at Paragon we know that chinch bugs, bill bugs, mole crickets, grubs, sod webworms, or armyworms can destroy your lawn.  Paragon will treat your lawn at key times of the year to prevent them from causing a problem.

At every service, Paragon looks for and treats for weeds as they appear, along with preventative treatments during specific times of the year, designed to eliminate weed problems.  Unlike other companies we include crabgrass control as part of our regular treatment.

We specialize in getting neglected lawns back into shape.  If you have recently purchased a home that has been sitting neglected and uncared for please call us for a free inspection. ParagonPest Control can save homeowners a lot of money compared to the cost of resodding!